Road Racing Team, Race Report: NorCal John Frank 10 Miler

Pre-Race ramble intro: There is no ideal way to go to the Redding 10 Miler. It’s pick your poison: drive up a day early and spring for the overpriced hotel room or wake up way before the crack of dawn on the day and make the drive in a proverbial Atmospheric River ™. The eight brave souls who made the trek were almost split down the middle: 3 the night before and 5 the day of. It’s a drive where you don’t want to miss the 505 cutoff. Guess what, we missed the 505 cutoff. I’m here to report that the 3 of us were in the middle of such a spirited conversation that no amount of Google Maps helped. None of us noticed the cutoff. And it was raining. It was raining really hard. There is another cutoff that goes through Woodland so we didn’t lose much time. As we drove up I-5, in the pouring rain, with endless almond trees blooming, getting to know each other better, we almost forgot we had a 10 Mile Race. Almost. One fun fact: the town of Arbuckle has no relation to Fatty Arbuckle… that we know of.

The Race: The John Frank Memorial 10 Mile race is the PA 10 Mile Championship and has been dominated by a fellow by the last name of Reyes. He holds the course record (48:50) and shows up year after year. He was here this year but came in second to a young buck by the last name of... Reyes. I don’t know if they are related. Probably not. Reyes the Younger is from Chico State and led from the gun. Oh, I forgot, the rain stopped right before the 10 a.m. start and we had good conditions during the race. Unless you count having to cross a stream twice during the race. Yeah, that part was not great.  

How Pamakids did: Liz Gress, Riya Young and Fiona McCusker, although not quite enough to make a scoring team, all ran well, particularly Liz, who was 1st in her Age Group and is going from strength to strength. Go Liz! The Senior Men--Me, Iron Mike Axinn, John West (he’s from Carmel) and Randall Conne--ran their collective hearts out to a 2nd place for 50+ Men. A solid start for our deep and talented old man squad.

Post Race: We had beer. We had cake, courtesy of Fiona, to celebrate some old guy’s birthday. Some people had showers. Some people went to the only hipster coffee joint in Redding. Photos were taken courtesy of Riya. Thanks, Riya! Then we went home. And finally, thanks to LouAnn Conner for cheering us on and making the drive to Redding. It was a great day and a great Pamakids day. If you haven’t done this race, you need to make the drive, either day of or day before. Like I said, pick your poison.

-Tony McGrath

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