Ultra Racing Team, Race Report: Way Too Cool 50K, 2019

Way Too Cool 50K was just way-too-cool. Or maybe way too muddy? 9 Pamakids braved Mother Nature’s wrath on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, slipping and sliding in the mud-soaked trails! And guess what? All 9 Pamakids made it to the finish line!! Yes!!!! What an honor and privilege to be your Way Too Cool Captain.

Huge congrats to William Dai, Israel Ramirez, Louise Stephens, Jenn Stringham, Kelly Haston, Darlene Shimamoto, Peach Villacarlos and Cassandra Cisneros for nailing their races! WTC 50K was Darlene’s and Peach’s first ultra races with the team.

We did it!

-Tony Nguyen

Screenshot_2019-03-10 mut2019TeamScoringBreakdown pdf.png

Pamakid Runners